Our team is interdisciplinary and interinstitutional. The team includes scholars who write on issues related to the environment, natural resources management, land use, climate change, rural life, linguistics, and environmental history.

About the Project

This project aims to assess the narratives surrounding environmental issues,  grounding them in both historical and present-day context. Oftentimes environmental narratives are “lost” in one direction or the other—or co-opted by less-than-factual accounts—and their study can help us better communicate…

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Do you have an environmental story to share? Send us your ideas and thoughts about the history or modern day discourse surrounding an important environmental issue, and we will look into it! 

Latest Articles

Has the Pandemic Changed the Narrative on Rural Communities?

The world is looking at rurality through a different lens as high density urban areas suffer from the ongoing pandemic

Reminder: Exxon Predicted Today’s Man-made CO2 Levels and Temperature Increases in 1982…Then Lied

Nearly 40 years ago Exxon’s internal study predicted today’s climate impacts with chilling precision…then they wove a false narrative to protect profits

California’s Transition to Renewable Energy: the Rest of the Story

California’s energy transition is in full swing and the Golden State seems willing to set an example for the rest of the world. Yet, some of the downsides of the transition receive far less attention.

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Recent News

Environmental narratives are constantly changing and shaped over time. Here is an aggregation of recent news stories shaping environmental narratives that we think may be of interest to our readers.

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Suggested Reading

Here are some readings we suggest on the subject (short at the moment, but will get longer!): For a thorough bibliography with hundreds of reads on Environmental History, see a list compiled by Mark Stoll here. Readings are categorized by subject…

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